Outdoor and Garden Electrics

Garden Lighting
Garden Lights can light seating areas for dining in the evening and ponds, paths and driveways to create a safe and ambient environment. There is a wide range of options from a simple floodlit garden to more creative lighting such as lighting of patios, steps, fountains, trees, walls, ponds and lawns. We can design your lighting and recommend the ideal type of lights for your requirements.

Water Features, Pond & Filtration Units
Ponds with water features such as fountains create a pleasant environment for you to relax in whilst extending your living environment. The sounds of running water at night can add tranquility and blank out background noise. We can install a range of pond accessories such as underwater lighting, fountains, filtration units & pumps. We can also design these features to your requirements.
Outdoor Heating
Like in many pub beer gardens they have heat lamps to keep you warm as the sun goes down, so why not have them installed in your own garden.  We can install a range of sizes designed to suit your needs.

Garage, Summer House & Shed Electrics 

Summer houses and sheds are becoming popular for additional, low cost living space. You can pursue a hobby or just to relax away from the main house. We can install power to your summer house or shed allowing you to use your power tools, photographic equipment, TV or computers etc. Power can also be installed into garages for motorised garage doors.

Plug sockets
We install waterproof sockets for use outdoors which can be used for things such as mowing the lawn or hovering the the car.  A much better alternative to running cables through windows and doors.