Lighting installations

When used correctly, all sorts of aspects of your home, garden or business can benefit dramatically from improved lighting. Aside from the obvious practical need for lighting, different types can create striking effects, and be used to match every mood and situation. On a commercial basis, lighting can draw attention to specific areas of a shop, or make it more inviting and welcoming to potential customers. Recessed spotlights or small LED lights are both practical and stylish when used to light staircases or hallways, and hanging pendant lights are perfect for lighting a dining table. Outside, lighting can transform your *Garden* into somewhere that can be enjoyed day or night, all year round.

As well as taking care of new installations, we can also take a look at any problems you may be having with your existing lights. Our NAPIT approved electricians will be able to solve problems with individual fixtures or faulty wiring, which could be causing sparking or dimming to the lights in your home.  This is a potential fire risk and should be addressed immediately. 
Security lighting
Security lighting help deter burglars and help increase your feeling of safety.
Security lights can be operated manually or automatically by infra-red detectors which activate the lights when a person moves into its field of vision. They are ideal as an addition to a CCTV systems for night-time surveillance.
We can design your security lighting to provide the most efficient coverage. We position lights so they don’t shine onto a neighbouring property, a common cause of disputes.