Edmondson electrical are proud to to be installing new care monitoring systems.

SeNCit is the first low-cost solution of its kind designed to enable families and communities to take up the baton in helping care for their elderly or vulnerable ‘loved ones’ who live alone. The SeNCit monitors and alerts on a number of alarm scenarios around the home of the individual and reports back to up to five carers directly via text message and or free phone call alerts. The unit helps to detect incapacitation due to illness or falls, wandering, house temperature extremes, bogus callers, power fails and switches to an intruder alert when house is empty.

A new and unique device for helping to keep a remote but discreet ‘eye’ on lone or vulnerable individuals. With its main function being to let you know via text message when someone has had a fall or become incapacitated, this compact device also includes other important alarm features all in the one neat package.

As well as detecting falls and incapacitation, The system can also help with wandering, room temperature and power cut issues within the home. Switching to a security system when the house is empty, this all-in-one device will provide local authorities and concerned relatives with comprehensive care at a cost effective price.

The individual does not have to raise the alarm or remember to wear a device.
Its multi-function, compact and discreet meaning individual feels safe but not stigmatised.
Its running costs can be as low as a few pence a month.
Alert messages go direct to carer’s mobile or landline phones meaning less delay and complete peace of mind for relatives.

With alarm messages being sent directly to carer’s mobile or landline phones, this system means that it is independent of Call Centres and requires no landline within the individual’s home for installation. This makes it simple to set up and run. Coupled with low running costs that need only stretch to the cost of a text message per alarm.

Its so simple, its obvious. The biggest and most important indicator of whether a human being is in trouble (health wise), or not is their ability to move around. We all slow up and become still when we are very unwell or have had an accident. So if we look for this lack of movement, we have an almost perfect indicator that something is wrong.

The SeNCit looks for movement during certain times of the day when it most expects to see an individual going about normal routines that require them to move – i.e. in the morning upon rising, at lunchtime when preparing food and in the evening when preparing for bed. If no movement occurs during these user-adjustable time periods, at the end of that period, a warning SMS text message is sent directly from the device to the carer/s.