Fire and Security

CCTV & Security Alarms
CCTV allows you to monitor your property and potential security risks before they become a serious problem. Many options are available from single camera to multi-camera setups that can be monitored remotely via the internet.
There is a wide range of options available for security alarms. Triggers for the alarms can come from magnetic door triggers, panic buttons, PIR detectors etc. They can be combined with door entry systems and security lighting to provide a higher degree of protection.

Smoke & Heat Detectors
Smoke and Heat detectors are life saving devices. They give the properties residence an early warning or a fire and enough time to exit the property safely. Building Regulations now require the smoke detectors in new dwellings, loft conversions, and certain extensions. These detectors must be mains powered with a secondary battery power supply. Heat detectors are used in addition to a smoke detector.

Security Lighting
Security lighting help deter burglars and help increase your feeling of safety. Security lights can be operated manually or automatically by infra-red detectors which activate the lights when a person moves into its field of vision. They are ideal as an addition to a CCTV systems for night-time surveillance. We can design your security lighting to provide the most efficient coverage. We position lights so they don’t shine onto a neighbouring property, a common cause of disputes.