Fault Finding and Maintenance

Fault Finding
It is not always easy to identify where electrical problems lie, and in some cases, all that may be obvious is that there is a problem somewhere in the system. Sockets may appear to stop working, lights can dim and flicker, and there could be discolouration or scorch marks around some of the outlets. These are all signs that the electrics in your house require maintenance.
It’s vital if something isn’t working that the problem is fixed quickly and professionally, as although the problem could be something minor, faulty wiring causes a huge number of fires every year, potentially risking your life and property.
There is a fair chance that at some point, the electrics in a property will go wrong.
Everything deteriorates over time, and electrics are no exception. There are a number of reasons why something might go wrong; excessive electrical loading, ageing, every day wear and tear, environmental influences and corrosion can all affect when wiring and electrical items go wrong.