Electricity Bill Saving Unit

Installing a voltage optimising unit is the smart new way to cut your energy costs immediately without changing your supplier or your lifestyle. By reducing and managing the voltage coming into your home, a unit will ensure many of your electrical appliances use less electricity and cost less to run. It will also lower your carbon emissions.

The device is about the size of a shoe box and is simple to install by a qualified electrician. The unit also requires no maintenance. It’s simply a matter of fit, forget and save instantly. According to back-to-back tests a unit will save a massive 17% of the energy used by fridges and freezers, 15% by traditional light bulbs and even energy saving light bulbs can save 10%. hi-fi, televisions, computers etc. between 3% and 13%.

Voltage optimisation is nothing new in the delivery of energy saving, supermarkets and other large commercial sites have been using the principles for years and seeing significant reductions in their electricity bills as a direct result! The problem is that the equipment and installation has been too costly to apply to small commercial and domestic buildings, until now!

The principle is based upon the fact that many electrical appliances will work more efficiently and use less energy at slightly lower voltages. Our network grid delivers electricity to our homes at a nominal 240V. In practice, for the network to work effectively, voltages can vary between 253V and 216V, and are often at the higher end of this scale. Across Europe electrical appliances have to be designed to operate as low as 207V.