Bathroom Electrics

Jacuzzi, Sauna & Steam Rooms

Unwind after a long and tiring day by soaking in a Jacuzzi. Jets of water will gently massage your aching body in the privacy of your own home!
We install pre-purchased Jacuzzi, Sauna and Steam Rooms from a simple corner unit to fully converted bathrooms.
We can advise on the best system to suit your needs,  and provide with the necessary certificates leaving you more time to relax and enjoy stress free.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating gently warms the air evenly, eliminating any cold spots within the room commonly found with just a radiator.
Underfloor heating is very comfortable to walk over bare foot as it removes the cold child from hard surfaces. Our electricians can install heating under bathroom tiles, wooden floors or carpets and in the kitchen, bathroom or conservatory etc.
We install electric underfloor heating which generally require less installation work than a water based system, please call for advice from one of our electricians on the best system to suit your needs.

Waterproof TV & Radio

Waterproof televisions and radios are sealed units which means they are safe to use within a bathroom.
You can relax to your favourite music or TV programme whilst having a bath or shower and add that extra touch of luxury to your bathroom!
We can install pre-purchased TV & Radios, alternatively, why not let us advise you on the best system to suit your needs. As NAPIT electricians, you can be ensured we will install these units to the highest safety standards.

Electric Shower

Electric showers are economical to run and save water. You only heat the water as and when you need it.
You won’t require a water tank with an electric shower as the water is heated within the unit. You save on the disruption and cost of installing or connecting to an existing water tank.
Electric showers are ideal for families or households where there is a large demand for hot water at one time, such as the morning rush. With an electric showers, hot water is always available, day or night.

Extractor Fans & Heated Mirrors

Prevent mist, steam, fog and condensation on the surface of your bathroom mirror by having a heated mirror fitted.
The mirror will be clear straight after a shower saving you time and preventing heat from escaping as you try to clear the mist by opening the door or window.
An extractor fan will also help in the removal of steam and reduce the likelihood of mold forming around bathroom tiles.